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HR Practices

Bry-Air is one of the flagship companies of the Pahwa Group. At Pahwa Group, innovation, both in technology as well as business processes, is the driving philosophy.

Today, the Group is the fastest growing ‘Adsorption Technology Group’ in the world with 1500+ employees world over.

Over the years, we have built up a global, high-energy, collaborative, multicultural organisation which provides a challenging work atmosphere as well as a work life balance.

Some of the key practices (building blocks) to increase the talent part are:

  • Institutionalizing Innovation
  • Continuous Learning & Development
  • Growing People
  • Rewards & Recognition

Institutionalizing Innovation

We think that to maintain our leadership position, “innovation” cannot be the exclusive responsibility and domain of the top management. For the company to have a durable competitive advantage, the innovation DNA has to run through the organisation

Continuous Learning & Development

At Bry – Air continuous learning refers to the ongoing development of skills, abilities, and knowledge through various training programs which reflects an individual’s ongoing professional life at work and outside of work.

Growing People

One of our key focus areas has been growing people. Today, across functions and at all levels, there are many who have spent over 25 years in the company and have grown with the company. Continuous learning, empowerment, opportunity to work across diversified portfolios, international exposure, team handling skills , is part of our regular practices to help grow individuals.

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