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BryairNewsBry-Air – HOTTEST EXPORT COMPANY of the year 2010

Bry-Air – HOTTEST EXPORT COMPANY of the year 2010

Bry-Air bagged the prestigious “HOTTEST EXPORT COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2010” at the 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit 2010 held on 25th and 26th June 2010, at HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL, MUMBAI. 40 prominent leaders from the pharmaceutical industry participated in this two day long conference for honoring excellence in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Mr Deepak Pahwa, MD, Bry-Air was one of the keynote speakers.


Mr. Deepak Pahwa, M.D.,
Bry-Air – receiving the Award of the
Hottest Export Company of the year
from Honorable Governor of
Maharashtra K. Sankaranarayanan


A view of the 3rd
Pharmaceutical Summit 2010

EEPC has also declared Bry-Air as the recipient of Star Performer Award for the year 2008-09 in the product group of Miscellaneous Special Purpose Machinery in the Small Enterprise category. In the last decade, Bry-Air has consistently been certified by the EEPC for Excellence in Engineering Exports in SME sector. All this because of the Bry-Air stranglehold in R&D which has catapulted its products into the premier league. Years of concentrated R&D have established Bry-Air as prima-facie leader in Dehumidification and Air Treatment Technology worldwide. Today, Bry-Air has to 9 international worldwide patents in its stable and many more are in the offing. Our Test Facilities are amongst the best in the environment control industry, constantly engaged in the state-of–the-art product development.

Bry-Air world wide is known for its expertise as a “solutions” company for moisture/humidity control problems. It is because we believe that people not only buy things, they buy the benefits it offers. Providing and proving benefits of dehumidification based on engineered solutions and customer education has made the Bry-Air world leaders in this field. The Bry-Air range of products- Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Gas Phase Filtration Systems, Resin Dryers, Environmental Control Systems are exported all over the world. Bry-Air products are known for its reliability in effectively combating the moisture menace and for its resilience against harsh environmental conditions. Considerable efforts goes into designing each Bry-Air product so that it is customized to suit specific customer needs. Bry-Air systems are engineered not manufactured en- masse.

Bry-Air & Pharmaceutical Industry – Partners all the way

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the worlds third-largest by volume and is likely to lead the manufacturing sector of India. Bry-Air has been the undisputed leader for over three decades when it comes to providing solutions for moisture control in the pharmaceutical industry. Majority of the market belongs to Bry-Air. All bigwigs local and global rely on Bry-Air dehumidifiers to maintain precise conditions of humidity for processing, manufacturing, drying and storage of pharmaceuticals. Indian Global Pharma companies like Ranbaxy Laboratories, Dr. Reddys laboratories, Cipla, Aurobindo Pharma, Lupin Laboratories, Cadila Healthcare, Wockhardt etc., are some of the names that relied on Bry-Air products for maintaining precisely conditioned environment. Global pharmaceutical majors like Pfizer, Glaxosmithkline, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly etc., also rely on the Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier for maintaining congenial environment required for manufacturing of quality medicines.

The relationship of Bry-Air with Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is so enduring that even when these companies set plants overseas, they still bank on Bry-Air. Bry-Air has thus proven to be an inseparable ally for pharmaceutical Industry.

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