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করোশন ক্ল্যাসিফিকেশন কুপন

Air Quality Assessments

The Corrosion Classification Coupon (CCC) provides a direct, quantitative measure of the overall corrosion potential of an environment.

CCC allows the customer to assess control room/server room air quality as well as evaluate the performance of the Gas Phase Filtration Systems in post installation tests. It does not require any electrical connection or calibration and is very simple to use. CCC is placed at one or multiple locations for a period of 1 to 30 days where the environmental corrosivity rate is to be measured. The coupon is then tested at Bry-Air GPF laboratories. The thickness of the corrosion product on the strips is measured to determine the room environmental corrosion classification as per ISA 71.04 – 2013 standard. Also, identification of the type of corrosion product is also established, e.g. sulphides, chlorides, oxides, etc. Based on the results the environment is classified as G1, G2, G3 and Gx as per ISA 71.04 – 2013 classifications. The results of the CCC tests are then used to design an optimal gas phase filtration system.

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