» الرافعات الآلية سلسلة الإصدار بي في إل (إف)

الرافعات الآلية سلسلة الإصدار بي في إل (إف)


The Bry-Air EcoMove BVL Series automatic Vacuum Loaders offer large savings to plastics processors, both in terms of man-hours and material by automating the transfer of plastic pellets from shipping containers and storage bins to the processing machines. Engineered for noiseless operation with sleek and easy to handle floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls, the BVL series Auto Loaders allow no leakage and are easy to maintain. The compact design ensures that there is no wear and tear and thus needing minimum maintenance.

Options Available

Ratio loading for resin available and regrind magnetic grills for removal of ferrous impurities. Technical specification available for twin loader click here.


  • Noiseless operations
  • Floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls, LED display for ease of operation*
  • No leakage
  • No wear and tear
  • Easily removable receiver for cleaning, less and easy maintenance
  • Timer-based automatic control for loading sequence, auto start and stop of loading sequence
  • State-of-the-art clear acrylic/polycarbonate receivers/belleys, clear view of material
  • Transparent flexible anti-static pipe for conveying material (Optional)
  • High quality easily removable filters
* Not applicable in BVL – 75 (p) which is machine mounted

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