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Some of the initiatives which Bry-Air
taken over the years ...

Institutionalizing Innovation

Background: At Pahwa Group, innovation both in technology as well as business processes has been the driver behind its growth.

The management thinks that to maintain the leadership position "innovation" cannot be the exclusive responsibility of the top management. For the company to have a Durable Competitive Advantage, the innovation DNA has to run throughout the organisation.

The initiative to institutionalize innovation was taken in 2012 and all employees, from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of the pyramid, were sensitized and trained on "Innovation" through workshops, brainstorming sessions and interactions to encourage and motivate "innovative thinking".

The objective of Institutionalizing Innovation is to make Pahwa Group a genuinely innovative company, which means that every single member of Pahwa Group “thinks and acts innovatively” every day.

A robust process of collecting all “ideas”, reviewing and implementing is in place supported by a strong Reward and Recognition program to honour the “Innovatotors”.

All ideas which satisfy the Pahwa Group’s Innovation Vision Statement are reviewed, accepted for implementation, implemented and rewarded. The ideas may be related to technology, products , manufacturing, business processes, customer reach/delivery/retention and people management.

Pahwa Group : Innovation is Life

Encouraging Innovation and
enhancing knowledge

BALI (Bry-Air Learning Initiative)
Bry-Air encourages interaction between the industry and academia through “BALI….Bry-Air Learning Initiative“ Under this initiative, Bry-Air facilitates and sponsors study tours of young engineers along with their faculty to ACREX. ACREX is South Asia's largest exhibition on Refrigeration & Cold Chain, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Intelligent Buildings.

Bry-Air has taken an initiative to enhance the knowledge, of the students as well as their faculty, on the latest in the field of HVAC&R and to generate awareness of opportunities available. Bry-Air is also encouraging other companies to participate in this initiative. The mission to encourage innovation and enhance knowledge continues . . .

Bry-Air Awards
To encourage and recognize innovative work being done in the field of HVAC&R in India, Bry-Air instituted the “Bry-Air Awards for Excellence in HVAC&R” in 2005. The Awards program was run annually for 10 years from 2005 to 2015.

A decade of motivating and recognizing innovation

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