Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt Ltd
JULY-AUG.-SEPT. 2010 VOL.20 No. 3
Ethylene Control for healthy
Fruit and Vegitables
Discerning Lithium Battery Manufacturerslike Shenzhen BYD, E-One Moli, opt for Bry-Air Dehumidifiers for their Dry Rooms – for its capability to provide large customised engineered systems designed to provide very large quantities of dry air, (over 30000 cmh) at ultra low humidity levels of -90ºCdewpoint
If yes then you have a problem at hand – Ethylene !!
No more tears !!
Moisture woes during onion storage
Onions are grown in two seasons of the year and stored for the remaining.During storage, moisture causes microbial activities, root growth and decay. Sprouting occurs because of higher temperatures.
A Fatal Crack in the Joint – Reason
. . . weak weld
Poor welding can prove costly and sometimes even be fatal as heavy machinery, construction, ships, etc., aredependent on the quality of the weld which is in turn dependent on the quality of the coating of the welding electrode.
High concentrations of ethylene causes prematureaging and rotting of fruits and vegetables and wilting of flowers and leafy vegetables-lowering their shelf life.  
Bry -Air Prokon, was awarded the prestigious CTI“START - UP LABEL for “Ready for Sustainable Business Development” on Sept 14, 2010 by the Swiss Confederation’s Innovation Promotion Agency CTI  
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