Dry facts
April-May-June 2011 VOL.21 NO.2
Yet another ‘innovation’ by Bry-air
Bry-air news Bry-Air sets new benchmarks in Gas Phase Filtration with “ Honeycomb Matrix Technology”.
Bry air china
‘Your Competition is with efficient local players’
How has his business grown
in China?
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Vision,Educations and Environment
This patent pending technology from Bry-Air stable replicates the natural advantage of the Honeycomb matrix. It provides greater surface area for adsorption and chemisorption of electronic corrosion causing gases like Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Bromine and Oxides of Nitrogen & Chlorine, etc., which are either generated due to various processes or are sucked in from the environment outside. Either way, these are a nuisance because these eat into the vitals of the electronic machinery causing electronic malfunction, server failure, etc.
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The Bry-Air Solution
Network tap GMA Network, is one of the major commercial television networks in the Philippines. GMA News Media, Inc. (NMI), established in 2000, is a total interactive and media solutions company undertaking convergent applications for mobile, web and digital TV. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMA Network Bry-Air was primarily chosen by GMA Network to provide humidity control solutions to its data center. A room condition of 21ºC and 40-45% RH was recommended to ensure good system operation and prevent equipment damage or malfunctioning. Bry-Air has recently held eye camps in Teekli, Sarhaul, Chakkarpur, Dundahera, Bajghera in partnership with the Venu Eye Institute & Research Center. All the camps had a huge turnout in spite of the scorching heat.
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Facing Moisture Problems during storage
food and beverages Ration (food and beverages) Electrodes Storage:
The armed forces are always on the move. Safe storage of ration is a necessary prerequisite. Moisture facilities mold and mildew growth which furthers food spoilage. For superior finish as well as strength and stability, proper storage of electrodes is essential.
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