Oct-Nov-Dec 2016  
BrySmart Series Dehumidifier
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BrySmart series (BBS) Dehumidifiers
Embedded with Patented* BrySmart and BryTherm Technologies
Embedded with patented*BrySmart Technology
Energy saving upto 48%
Optimized dehumidifier performance
Reduced annual energy consumption
Lower energy usage &
maintenance cost
Green technology
BrySmart Technology
BrySmart series Offer the Best in the World of Dehumidifiers
Upto 48% energy saving
Faster return on investment (ROI)
Lowest cost of ownership
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When moisture is Torture
Moisture Deteriorates Seed Quality
In this column, we share our experience with you regularly in major application areas where usage of dehumidification is both extensive and essential.
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One Stop Shop for
Gas Phase Filteration Systems
Embedded with patented*BrySmart Technology
Data Center Air Purifier
Helps in protecting data center from electronic corrosion and abrupt Failures.
Humidity Control System
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