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Keeping with its philosophy to bring you the equipment you need, Bry-Air has redesigned its COMBO Dryerbased on your feedback and inputs. The new COMBO dryer will be displayed at “Plastasia 2004”. Visitour booth at Plastasia to see a demo.

...backed by 3 decades of Industry experience, world wide

Arctic India Sales started out in 1979 representing Bry-Air Inc. In 1981, Bry-Air India (nowBry-Air Asia), a joint venture was promoted with Bry-Air Inc., a more than 50 years oldcompany specializing in Dehumidifiers and Plastics Dryers.

The Plastics Dehumidifying Dryer was introduced in the region in 1984.

Plastic Dryers

Plastics in Automotives

Drying is the necessary criteria for quality processing of engineeringplastics, i.e the plastics used in automotives.Engineering polymers / resins like Nylon, ABS, PET, Polycarbonate, Polysulphonate etc., which have a large usage in the automobileshave an extremely high affinity for moisture and need to be dried thoroughly and properly to ensure quality finish of final product.

Plastic Dryers

Rinder, an ISO/TS 16949:2002 company, is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of automotive lights. Rinder supplies automotive lights to almost all leading manufacturers of Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers in the world.

Plastics Drying And Conveying

Compact, Portable Dehumidifying Drying Package

The new improved Bry-Air Ecodry COMBO series packages a small DehumidifyingDryer with a drying Hopper and TwinLoader on a single skid to allow thesmall processor, the flexibility ofportability, along with quality drying.The multifunctional COMBO has been designed to meet the need of processors requiring quality drying of smallerquantities of hygroscopic plastics resins. 

Partners in their progress

VMI Plastics –A “PET” Success Story

Plastic Dryers
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Plastic Dryers
Plastics Drying