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JULY- AUG.- SEPT. 2011 VOL.21 NO.3
Mr. Deepak Pahwa addressing future managers on Invention and Innovation
Addressing a two day (May 5th-6th 2011) international conference at Amity, Manesar on “Enhancing Organizational Growth through Innovation and Creativity – Issues, Opportunities and Challenges”,
  Moisture Control
  The importance of moisture control while manufacturing and packaging confectionery
  All sweet things should come to an sticky end . . . ideally in the mouth. Moisture however plays spoilsport midway ruining the texture and making confectionery items soggy and visually unappealing.
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  Bry-Air Pathshala is a learning center for underprivileged children. This center is run in partnership with Literacy India, a leading NGO in the field of education. Located in Dharam Colony, Gurgaon, the center is fully funded by Bry-Air and provides non-formal education to children of the area.
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Notes on Some Recent Application
Crispy, crunchy snacks delight the palate, soggy ones don't taste half as good. The trick, therefore, is to maintain the crispiness. However, post manufacturing, snack foods like “kurkure/Potato Chips
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Sweet, savory, plain or with a filling in between, a biscuit is hard to resist. But it can be enjoyed in full only if it is firm and fresh. Biscuits / cookies being highly hygroscopic gain moisture during storage
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Generally, it is assumed that the quality of the welding depends on the skill of the welder or the quality of the welding consumable, i.e. the electrode. More often than not, another factor, moisture
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In the Creel Room, various wires of fabric and steel pass to the winding machine from large spools. Presence of high humidity in this room leads to rusting of steel wires, leading to a large rejection
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