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BrySmart Wheel Dryer

BrySmart Wheel Dryer
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Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is a major step forward in increasing manufacturing efficiency, and thus productivity. The framework of Industry 4.0 is powered by advanced controls, sensors and easy-to-use software, which all provide data to analyse and optimise productivity. The advanced BrySmart® controls embedded in the new BWD series plastics dryers is a step in this direction.


Now a days, professionals involved in keeping a plastic processing plant running in various shifts, need to have better access to machine data and control. They can now have a better control on productivity, tracking defects and even keeping up with preventive and predictive equipmentmaintenance for better optimization of productivity with the data provided by the BrySmart® controls, which incorporates Industry 4.0 concepts.


The new Super BryWheel®, BWD series dryers incorporating the BrySmart® controls, comes with advanced technology in connectivity which connects the equipment to internet. With the help of the Super BryWheel®, BWD series dryers, the user can manage the process through smart phones, tablet and computers from anywhere and anytime.


BWD Series Comes with Following Features and Advantages

  • Process air high temperature paper cartridge filter
  • In built pre-cooler
  • Continuous data log of system parameters and online display of operating parameters.
  • Ethernet port
  • Intelligent re-start following a power failure
  • Password protected feature for unauthorized mishandling
  • Intelligent power circuit switching to minimize voltage drops in the unit supply system
  • Small footprints; low volume/ weight per CMH
  • Real time clock / calendar
  • Digital dew point meter (optional)
  • Material saver mode (optional)


Features of Super BryWheel Rotor

  • Rotor incorporates robust internal structure for industrial quality and durability
  • The rotor is non-flammable with organic < 2%
  • Process and reactivation air flow sectors are insulated
  • Unique PTFE coated silicone flat seal
  • Reusable cartridge type high efficiency paper filter for process and reactivation air flows
  • Auto pilot mode



  • BryWheel ensures you have a much better control over dew-point and temperature.
  • The desiccant rotor takes lesser time to regenerate, i.e. it heats and cools comparatively in a lesser time than alternate drying technologies, thus saving energy
  • More energy savings, reduced energy costs
  • Maximum surface area for drying
  • Lower downtime, the rotor has fewer moving parts and thus, less prone to breakdowns
  • Light weight
  • Amazing structural strength
  • Lower dew-point
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