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Bry Air Combo Dryer

Bry Air Combo Dryer
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Bry-Air Combo Series: The Perfect Solution for all Drying Needs


The Bry-Air Combo Honey Comb Resin Dryer packages a Honey Comb Resin Dryer (Dehumidified Dryer) along with a drying hopper and loader for primary & secondary as a compact unitary unit.


The COMBO is tailor-made to suit the requirement of a plastics processors requiring just in time material for quick change over and assured reliable drying of hygroscopic resins.


Keeping pace with all your drying needs economically and efficiently


The multifunctional COMBO dehumidified dryer has been designed to meet the need of processors requiring quality drying of smaller quantities of hygroscopic plastics resins just in time. Mounted on castors, the COMBO dryer is portable and easy to handle and maintain. It assures proper drying of the toughest of hygroscopic resins.


Powder coated and CNC fabricated, the COMBO series dehumidifier dryer is available in 30 CMH and 60 CMH variants.


Advantages of COMBO Series :


  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy to read operation status 
  • BrySmart Control
  • Material over drying safety
  • -40°C or lower dew point air


Salient Features Of Bry Air Combo Series Eco Dry dehumidifying Drying Package :


  • 3 in 1 : Compact, space saving, consisting of Dehumidifying Dryer, Hopper and Twin auto loaders in a single cabinet
  • Bry-Air Combo provides a consistent -40°C or lower dew point air
  • Vacuum Take Off Box - Optional
  • Dry-Air Conveying - Optional: Conveying through the secondary loader is done with Dry Air to avoid the heat and energy loss of hot and dried material
  • Bry-Smart Controller: It supervise the operation, fault management along with display messaging of system parameters and faults
  • Loader Microplc Controller : Microplc controller of twin loader to supervise the operation,fault management along with display messaging of system parameters and faults
  • Low Energy Consumption 
  • Avoiding Overdrying: Material Saver Option
  • Easy Accessibility for cleaning of filters
  • Improve Performance: Inbuilt pre-coolers to improve performance of dehumidifying dryer


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