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Dehumidifier Service and Repair is now just a Call away !!!

What is BryCare

you need BryCareBryCare is Bry-Air's Dehumidifier Service division. With BryCare, Industrialists and Plant Owners are assured peace of mind and added value from their dehumidifier investments. Whether your equipment is under warranty, or annual maintenance contract or under paid servicing we care with BryCare. BryCare has a team of trained and experienced and technicians who will ensure that your dehumidifier investment gives best ROI and causes no production downtime and your equipment is in running condition all the time at it's best. For this BryCare undertakes regular inspection, service and supervision of all models of dehumidifier. Timely maintenance of dehumidifiers and other HVAC equipment mitigates damages done in the course of time. We build long lasting relationships with our valued clients and customers by providing them speedy, quality and reliable service.


Why do you need BryCare

The costs of dehumidifier repair and replacement outweighs that of regular maintenance and service. In addition regular and timely maintenance of  dehumidifiers and other HVAC equipment is an effective safeguard against every day wear and tear.


Through BryCare we build long lasting relationships with valued clients and customers by providing them speedy, quality and reliable service.


BryCare Dehumidifier service and Dehumidifier repair plan covers

6 Advantages of opting for BryCare Dehumidifier Service and Repair

Dalip Sharma, Government of India, Ministry of Home AffairsOne -stop-shop service: BryCare annual dehumidifier maintenance contract provides one-stop-shop service reduces the number of suppliers required on site and provides significant cost savings.


Dehumidifier Servicing by factory trained, dedicated and experienced technicians: undertaking service/repairs/check ups periodically to ensure increased returns from the equipment, minimize breakdowns and provide optimal performance and lower energy consumption at the same time.


Quickest turn around time for Dehumidifier Service: The BryCare division carries a complete inventory of spare and replacement parts for dehumidifier repairs, majority of which can be delivered within a short span of time.


Various Plans to Suit Your Needs: The BryCare plans are made in such a way to suit the needs of the customer.


We at BryCare have a provision to customize the plans depending upon the number of machines and the type of plan that the customer wants to opt for.


Worldwide network of helpline numbers: In case of emergency you can always reach a BryCare service technician nearest to you at help line numbers.


Bry-Air Experience: Last but not least we have over 50 years of experience in complete environmental control with a specialization in humidity control, dehumidification, drying, storage, preservation, gas phase filtration and plastics auxiliaries.


By taking out the service agreement with BryCare, you can forget about the mechanics of the equipment, and simply get on with your job of using using your dehumidifier and HVAC& R equipment.


BryCare Covers

  • Pre-installation guidance
  • Customized installation solution
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty service
  • Post warranty annual maintenance
  • Spares & service supported by experienced team of qualified engineers
  • Training customer's maintenance personnel
  • Breakdown maintenance
  • Upgrades & retrofits
  • Preventive monitoring
  • Emergency Service

Do not waste time in endless hassles

Contact today & avail benefits of Dehumidifier Maintenance Contract

We assure you peace of mind and value addition

Region Location Contact Person Phone E-Mail
West Mumbai Mr. T. Coelho +91 22 24935155
  Baroda Mr. Sunil Jhadhav +91 22 24935155
East Kolkata Mr. Prosenjit Marrick +91 33 22814841
North  Delhi  Mr.  M.S. Negi  +91 11  23906666
   Chandigarh  Mr. M.S. Negi  +91 172 4678806
South  Bangalore  Mr. Puttaraj  +91 80 25 271241
   Chennai  Mr. Y.J. Rao  +91 44 26203830
   Hyderabad  Mr. K. V. Rao  +91 40 27154243
   Kochi  Mr. Boregowda  +91 40 27154243
   All India  Mr. Kumar Vivek  +91 40 27154243


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