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Dehumidifiers And Dryers

Paper & Printing

Printing, Relief & Offset Printing Areas
Paper Coating Paper Storage
Pulp & Paper: Preconditioning Book Binding
Library Book Lithographing
Printing Rollers Storage Printing of Linoleum
Printing, Gravure Printing, Platemaking
Painting & Book Storage Paper & Fiber Molding
Photolithography Operations Parchment Storage
Precision Color Printing Roller Printer


Gelatin Drying Soft Gelatine Capsule Manufacture
Ampoule Manufacturing Animal Rooms
Biological Manufacturing Biomedical Dry Rooms
Strip Packaging Cough Drop Manufacturing
Cough Syrup Manufacturing Diagnostic Rooms
Effervescent Manufacturing Gelatin (Powder) Processing
Glandular Products Hypodermic Tablets
Liver Extracts Manufacture of Glandular Extracts
Manufacture of Liver Extracts Aluminium Foil Storage
Miling Room Powder Milling
Serums Tablet Coating
Tablet Compression Dry Powder / Vial Filling
Capsule Storage Cryogenic Cylinder Storage/Manufacturing
Powder Storage Storage of Anti Alpha Drugs
Storage of Powder & Tablets Manufactured Powder and Packing Area
Penicillin Packaging General Pharmaceutical
Injection Manufacture  

Power Manufacturing & Distribution

Power Plants Turbine Storage
Switchgear Room  
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