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Spices are hygroscopic. They absorb moisture from the air during processing, drying, packaging & storage.


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Inadequately dried cardamom causes mould making it unfit for processing. Fresh cardmom capsule has a moisture content of 85% of it's total weight. For longer shelf life and aroma the moisture content of the cardamom has to be brought down to 10%.


Even leaves of cinnamon possess a substantial amount of volatile aroma which are lost if the leaves are dried at temperatures higher than 10°C. The leaves have to preserve their green color for marketability.


Drying chilles is one of the most important steps in processing. The desired moisture content of chillies is 8 to 10%. Sun drying takes 15-21 days and is not a very dependable option during winters and monsoons.

Recommended Relative Humdity and temperature conditions for some common spice

Spice RH (%) Temperature °C
Cardamom  30 - 35% 28°C
Dry Garlic 65 - 70% 0°C
Dry Onion 50 - 55% 10 - 20°C
Cinnamon 40% 15°C
Chillies 18 - 20% 45 - 50°C

Surrround your spices with dry air . . . Retain Colour, Aroma & Shelf Life

To retain the flavour, aroma, colour, freshness and to reduce product spoilage, spices have to be dried at low temperature. Once dried and powdered, being hightly hygroscopic, spices abdorb moisture from the surrounding air during packaging and storage. This not only creates operational problems but also reduces shelf life off product.

Moisture inhibits free flow in packaging machine

Dried and powdered spices being highly hygroscopic absorb moisture from the surrounding air when humidity is high and become sticky. This inhabits their free flow through the packaging machine. The damp powder also sticks to the wrapping paper showing the process and creating hygiene problems. Dehumidification of the air surrounding the packaging and storage keeps the are dry letting production and packaging equipment run effectively.

Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier efffectively combats moisture menance in . . .

• Spices
• Asafoetida
• Dryfruits
• Almond
• Pista
• Cashew
• Chillies
• Cardamom
• Onion
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Grapes




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