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Condensation Prevention in Meat Processing Industry

Meat Plant Facilities


Indian exporters are among the leading suppliers of meat-based products in the world market, which are also subjected to stringent food safety norms. Food safety is, probably, one of the most important issues that Meat/Poultry processing industry faces day-in and day-out. Concern for public health in the case of potentially devastating consequences of contaminated food have driven industry associations, safety experts and watchdog organizations to establish guidelines not only for food handling, but also for plant and process line design. A frost free and germ free/ bacteria free atmosphere is essential in a meat storage facility.


New EU Legislation with its stricter guidelines on hygiene standards in its part II "Design and Facilities" states that food manufacturers need to prevent condensation on surfaces of meat as moisture encourages the growth of microbiological organisms on the meat. Meat Plants now need compulsory monitoring and recording of humidity levels in food warehouses, processing plants and cold stores.


HACCP is an internationally recognized way of managing food safety and protecting consumers. The new safety Guidelines for the Application of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System in a Meat Plant mentions the guidelines to achieve the aw of 0.85 or less (aw is the level of water activity).


Humidity Control is Important in Meat Plant Facilities


  • High humidity levels in the plant cause continuous condensation issues
  • Moisture accelerates micro-organism growth
  • Moisture attacks meat! poultry, lowering texture and flavor
  • High humidity causes decline of sanitation in the plant
  • High humidity results in bad odour

Humidity Control Areas in Meat, Sausage and Poultry


  • Slicing & cutting rooms
  • Freezers
  • Loading docks
  • Drying rooms
  • Evisceration rooms
  • Holding coolers

Low humidity environment and desiccant dehumidification applications in the processing, packaging and storage of meat is to ensure a frost free and germ free/bacteria free atmosphere.


Bry-Air Solution - Avoid Condensation by Reducing the Dew Point


In the meat processing facilities, the humidity levels can be very high, from cut up room to the loading docks. Condensation on various surfaces can occur, affecting sanitation levels. Condensation occurs due to higher dew point in the room. Dew Point is the temperature at which condensation starts whenever air (with higher dew point) comes in contact with any surface at a temperature lower than dew point temperature.


Condensation also depends upon the distribution of dry air. The key is to blanket the target surface with dry air and focus on the solution at the source of the problem. Bry-Air solution is to deliver the air at lower dew point than the surface temperature of the product, evaporator, ammonia line, drain pan, etc.


Advantages of Humidity Control in Meat Processing Plants


  • Maintain desired plant conditions
  • No condensation in building, equipment, floors ceiling and products
  • Defrost cycles are reduced by 50-70 percent and in some cases could be completely eliminated
  • Energy efficient operation for reduced utility consumption
  • Safer environment for all workers by preventing slippery floors and wet surfaces
  • Improved product quality and appearance
  • Enhanced hygiene standards. Avoid multiplication of mold and bacteria

Why Bry-Air


Pahwa Enterprises is a rapidly growing industrial group in India. The group has 1200 employees in 6 continents and 10 manufacturing plants. Bry-Air is the flagship company of Pahwa Enterprises. The core manufacturing strength of Bry-Air is in Air Engineering and Environment Control Technologies. Bry-Air is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 1400 1:2004 certified company known worldwide for its expertise in moisture and humidity control in varied industrial applications. Today, Bry-Air is a global leader in desiccant-based dehumidification with 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, fully owned subsidiaries in China, Malaysia and Switzerland, and a worldwide sales network.


From compact to engineered, Bry-Air Dehumidifiers are designed to suit most unique moisture/humidity control needs of our customers. Today, the best and the most recognized names in the industry have opted for Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifiers.



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