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Leather Storage

FFPs - Frequently Faced Problems

Leather like other organic material viz. wood, paper etc. is highly hygroscopic and tends to absorb moisture from the surrounding air during processing or while in storage. The excess moisture absorbed by the leather results in increased microbial activity. Mould, mildew and fungi germinate when relative humidity is above 40%.

The micro-organism growth is injurious to materials like leather because it not only results in decomposition but also weakens it mechanically and also spoils the `sheen' of the leather product.

General Recommendation :

Storage Under Controlled Conditions

Finished leather products regain moisture while in storage, prior to packaging. This results in the high rate of product spoilage due to mould/ fungus/ mildew growth fuelled by moisture absorbed by the leather. In order to prevent this spoilage, it is necessary to store the leather in humidity controlled warehouses where conditions are maintained at less than 40% RH at ambient temperature. This prevents leather from regaining moisture and thus, growth of mould/ fungus/ mildew.

Control Moisture While Packaging

The only way to prevent fungus growth is to ensure that the leather does not regain any moisture during packaging. The best, most simple and economical method to ensure that leather does not absorb moisture from the surrounding air while being packed, is to control the humidity at less than 40% RH in the packing area.

Our Solution :

When New Horizon Ltd., Calcutta, India, an ISO 9002 Certified Company and a well known name in exports of leather products discovered fungus growth spoiling the 'finish' of the leather gloves they were exporting, they immediately contacted Bry-Air for a solution.

The culprit was identified as…High Humidity levels in the finished product storage and packing area. Leather being highly hygroscopic picked up moisture, from ambient air due to high humidity conditions prevailing in Calcutta, during the several stages of manufacturing… from cutting to stitching…storage… resulting in the hand gloves being packed with moisture on the surface, which activates fungus growth.



Thus, the solution was to control humidity in the various areas to retard microbial and fungus growth. Since, it was impractical and uneconomical to dehumidify or control humidity of the entire manufacturing area, the Airgineers recommended that the gloves should be stored in a humidity controlled area so that surface of leather gloves is dry prior to packing. Also the packing area, was recommended to be dehumidified. This would prevent the gloves from regaining moisture and thus fungus growth would be prevented.


The Airgineers installed a Bry-Air Dehumidifier inside the storage chamber to maintain relative humidity at less than 40%. The moisture was thus removed from the surface of the gloves, which are kept on racks. It took about 4 hours to dry the surface of the gloves. Also, further moisture regain was prevented.


Bry-Air Dehumidifier was also installed in the packing area where it, in combination with air-conditioning provided the required humidity and temperature parameters necessary for packing of leather gloves. This further prevented the chances of moisture pick up and thus prevented growth of fungus on the leather gloves.


New Horizon, thus continues to maintain it's lead due to timely action taken by them to check the moisture menace. Many renowned exporters of leather products, to maintain the quality of their products, prevent damage from moisture and resultant fungus growth are using Bry-Air Dehumidifiers extensively. In fact, fungus growth on processed and finished leather goods is the single major cause of products being rejected.


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