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Moisture Control Eliminates the Possibilities of Bacteria in Food

Moisture results in increased microorganism growth. Microbial growth and dispersal can be controlled if the facility/plant is kept dry. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers provide the perfect solution to all problems involving moisture by controlling and maintaining ideal Relative Humidity during processing, packaging, drying and storage of food. From conventional snacks and processed food like soups, biscuits, chips, etc. to exotic food items like shiitake mushrooms, chocolates and candies, Bry-Air Dehumidifier is the ideal solution for ensuring that food retains its flavour, colour, and, most importantly, taste.


Food items below to learn more about the impact of high humidity and excess moisture on the finish product.


Humidity / Moisture Problems in Chocolate Manufacturing

Sugar is an unavoidable ingredient in chocolate preparation which is highly hygroscopic and absorbs uncontrolled moisture from the air. Chocolates tend to get discolored, stained and sticky during manufacturing and storage, resulting in fungus development and problems of adhesion to mixing/blending vessels, stamping machines and wrapping foil. Read more


Humidity / Moisture Problems in Coffee

Moisture in coffee beans is a significant factor that determines the quality and cost of coffee. From harvesting to packaging, the effectiveness and economics of the process, and the taste of brewed coffee are all influenced by the moisture content of the beans, from green to roasted to ground. Read more



Humidity / Moisture Problems in Biscuits/Cookies

Biscuits/Cookies being highly hygroscopic gain moisture during storage before packaging and thus become soggy, rubbery and loose their crispness, appeal and taste. This also reduces the shelf life of the product considerably. Read more



Humidity / Moisture Problems in Snack foods, potato wafers, corn chips noodles

Snack foods like potato wafers, corn chips, noodles etc. absorb moisture from the surrounding air during processing and become soggy. Presence of moisture also results in frost formation and sweating in the cooling tunnel in the packaging equipment. Read more



Humidity / Moisture Problems in Meat Processing

Food safety is, indisputably, one of the most important issues that meat/poultry/seafood processing industry face day-in and day out. Concern for public health in the case of potentially devastating consequences of contaminated food have driven industry associations, safety experts and watchdog organizations to establish guidelines not only for food handling, but also for plant and process line design. Read more


Powder food

Humidity / Moisture Problems in Powder Food

The primary reason behind powdery food's rising popularity is its longer shelf life when compared to food items available in its natural state. However, in order to preserve the long shelf life of powdery food and to maintain its texture, colour and flavour it is necessary to prevent the attack of moisture while processing, packaging and storage. Read more


Health food

Humidity / Moisture Problems in Health Food

Health food concentrates like juice concentrates, protein supplements, soy nuggets and cereals are hygroscopic. They tend to absorb moisture from the surrounding air during processing, storage and packaging. Moisture causes lumping which obstructs machines and pneumatic conveyors. Read more



Humidity / Moisture Problems in spices

Spices are hygroscopic in nature. They absorb moisture from the air during processing, drying, packaging and storage. To reduce product spoilage, spices have to be dried at low temperature. Once dried and powdered, being highly hygroscopic, spices absorb moisture from the surrounding air during packaging and storage. This not only creates operational problems, but also, reduces the shelf life of the product. Read more



Humidity / Moisture Problems in yeast drying

Drying of yeast requires cold dry air to produce quality yeast without destroying the organism. The quality of air required for drying of yeast has to be controlled and moisture content kept between 10-14 grains/lb. Read more


Breweries and Distilleries

Humidity / Moisture Problems in Breweries and Distilleries

Growth of mold and fungus, particularly in the hop and yeast storage rooms, as well as in the fermentation and kegging areas is an inherent problem in any brewery. This is mainly due to high humidity or moisture. Read more


Coating Pans

Humidity / Moisture Problems in Coating Pans

Coating pans are used to coat soft-center candy with a harder candy shell as they tumble in a large drum. The drying of the coatings applied in pans becomes the critical factor in maximizing the throughput in this entire production cycle. Read more



Humidity / Moisture Problems in hard candies, sweets, toffees

Hard candies, sweets, toffees, etc. tend to become sticky during storage and packing because sugar is hygroscopic and tends to absorb moisture from the air. Presence of moisture leads to loss of gloss, change in flavour and colour. Read more


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