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Bry-Air Dehumidifiers-Breweries free from unwanted Fungus & Microbes

Brewing process involves heating, mashing, fermenting and lautering. Tons of water kept in specialized Why Bry-Air vessels, containers and other storage facilities are put to use for the above processes. A great amount of heat, water and malted grains are required to grow yeast which is a useful fungus that turns natural sugar into alcohol.


However, unchecked ambient humidity levels, coupled with microbes and fungus growth, disrupts the entire process and hinders quality production that results in undesirable losses.


Humidity: A common element that leads to multiple problems


Humidity: A common element that leads to multiple problems

Maintenance of a clean production environment and management of good and bad yeast is a typical challenge faced by any brewery or distillery. Humidity is the common destructive element responsible for continuous growth of mold and fungus on walls, in the hops storage area and in the fermentation and yeast generation rooms.


Dehumidification: The key to creating a hygienic production environment

The brewing process is carried out under very low temperatures, resulting in condensation on the tanks and vats containing beer. Presence of humidity (due to frequent use of water for cleaning) further facilitates condensation and the growth of bacteria. Here’s where Desiccant Dehumidification plays an important role. It eliminates organic corrosion, mold, mildew and fungus from yeast and fermentation rooms, storage facilities and kegging areas. Dehumidification radically improves sanitary conditions, reduces maintenance costs, enables hassle-free operation and quickens drying of floors after a wash.


Chart representation of recommended values


The following are general guidelines for temperature and humidity control in breweries :
Area Temp. °C % RH
Hops Storage 1.7 45% - 55%
Fermentation Rooms 12.8 40% - 45%
Filtration Rooms 12.8 40% - 45%
Grains Storage 15.6 35% - 40%
Kegging Areas  12.8 40% - 45%


Why Bry-Air


Bry-Air, the leaders in moisture and humidity control bring you freedom from:

• Unhygienic brewing conditions

• Unchecked microbes and fungus growth

• Disruption in smooth brewing process


Bry-Air Dehumidifiers - Maintain the perfect temperature for best quality production


Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifiers effectively maintain exact humidity conditions required for brewing. A relative humidity of 35 5RH (at ambient temperature) during manufacturing and storing, prior to packaging and bulk user storage, is required for successful brewing process and retaining the best quality of finished beer. Bry-Air’s huge range of standard and specially engineered Dehumidifiers ensures longer shelf life of brewed products.


Heineken chose Bry-Air for the best solution


Heineken chose Bry-Air for the best solution

Chart representation of recommended values Heineken, leaders in beer industry, best known for delivering uncompromising quality, sought Bry-Air’s cutting-edge solution to eliminate moisture from their production facility. Bry-Air helped the brewery effectively eradicate condensation, bacteria and unhygienic conditions.


At one of the production facilities of Heineken, the total moisture load at a temperature of 0°C was 102kg (water removal per hour). Bry-Air’s Engineered Dehumidifier proved to be the most effective and modern solution. With a nominal airflow of slightly over 34,000m3/per hour, the product efficiently removed the large quantity of water. The energy source for re-activating the process was steam, and an air-to-air heat recovery coil was included for saving energy.


The Dehumidifier was installed on the roof of the six-floor production unit in a sheet metal housing to make the process more effective. The dry air produced got distributed to each of the six floors and the basement area. The return air was re-circulated through the dryer and dried constantly.


Bry-Air’s customized solutions help production units maintain uncompromising quality and sustain a hygienic brewing environment in the production unit.


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